EURO16: Pink toilet paper & Louis Vuitton

For a while now I have had an ongoing cough for about 7 days and last night it reached new heights. I sounded like a Volvo Amazon from 1934 with a bad starting engine all night long. In the morning Peter and I decided we would take the subway to Champs Elysees to make sure we have seen the most famous street in Paris and straight away I find a green blinking cross, a Pharmacy! These are basically around each corner here in Paris, so very accessible. I explain my issue to the pharmacist and receive a “very potent medicine” in return with the advise that if this does not work within 3 days it is time to go to the hospital. So I take my first shot and hope for the best.

Paris metro Champs Elysees Arc de triomphe Pharmacy paris

We walk up the mighty Champs Elysees and find the oddest thing, an expensive and exclusive bathroom shop. Point WC are selling extremely pricey toilets for dedicated toilet people. Here you can spend your hard earned money on pink toilet paper or a toilet sea with the Eiffel Tower printed on it. To top it off they also offer world class bathroom visits, so I walked out there a very happy man.

point WC 13493141_10153546545336671_530135213_o 13509784_10153546544851671_1933047272_o 13499661_10153546545176671_1015070939_o

After this fantastic bathroom experience it is off to the next planned activity. We take the efficient Paris Subway to Fondation Louis Vuitton art exhibition in Jardin D’Acclimatation. To describe this Jardin I would say it is a mix of a garden association [anyone been to Trädgårdsföreningen in Gothenburg?], a baltic amusement park, nice playgrounds, a small zoo and an outdoor gym. As you can imagine this is a quite odd mix and inside this park you find the Louis Vuitton exhibition.

jardin d'acclimatation 13493435_10153546547371671_609165410_o 13467371_10153546547746671_1302833277_o jardin d'acclimatation jardin d'acclimatation 13493262_10153546547796671_1421889777_o

13523710_10153546548121671_624393845_o 13523891_10153546548596671_162166056_o

The Louis Vuitton exhibition is fantastic. The buildings are some of the coolest ones I have seen, like a futuristic Sydney Opera house. There is water running down stairs and fountains making water jump. Louis Vuitton is really going well at the moment! On a side note, we paid the entrance at a ticket booth and later on there is a young girl scanning our tickets again. The most obvious made up job ever?

Fondation louis vuitton 13493401_10153546549541671_1506726579_o

13499431_10153546549206671_130448969_o 13499975_10153546549066671_154435481_o

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