Frankfurt Airport.

Sometimes I feel like I live in Frankfurt. Not because I love the sausage but so many flights connect here so I always seem to have a few hours in this airport. Today I have fancy heels on and I experience how it was to walk far in those as Frankfurt is a quite large airport and we could not find our lounge. Yes we are addicted to the lounges now, but it is so quiet and nice and they give you food (very tasty meatballs here at the American Airlines admirals club). And also free booze!

This morning at Landvetter we felt that it was a bit to early but now we have gone into the drinks. I think I will sleep well on the flight to america later 🙂 Maybe some red wine to get in the sleeping mode?

I do like airports. It is always fun to see a new one and some are so big that you really get lost, I hope that we will find our gate quickly as I am wearing really high heels that are pinching my feet. But I guess that is something that you need to endure if you want to travel in style! Now I am going back to my leather chair to sit back and play some more UNO with my travel companions.

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