Wissahickon Park action.

In all honesty looking back at these pictures, I really am impressed of all the things we did travelling with 2 small children in a tow. It also gives me strength for this years adventures with THREE kids under 5 coming along for the ride.


So back to our 2016 adventures this is the forbidden drive which has actually been named Philadelphias trail of the year 2018 by Pennsylvania. It is really neat as very accessible, you can bike, push prams etc.

Wissahickon park

Here Claes is doing some excellent pram pushing along the forbidden drive…


The views are great and the forest beautiful. There are a number of additional trails one can wonder off this one, those go deeper into the woods and the road can be a bit rough. We actually did venture into the forest but ended up having to carry the pram across a couple of parts of the trail as it was too rocky, bumpy… It is always a gamble to venture a new trail with kids and prams but you have got to live a little 😛


All in all Wissahickon is one of my favorite parks and walking trails close to my my moms house as she lives in a suburb in the area. We also like walking up to the Indian (Chief Tedyuscung) Statue 🙂


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