Last MBS post, I swear! Gym & sunrise views.

When I look at the pictures from that gorgeous sunrise view from our room at Marina Bay Sands I remember exactly what I felt at that moment and it instantly makes me long for vacation and adventure. We had such a great time in Singapore with the whole family, vacation is such a magical thing really because there is nothing you have to do and traveling with kids is made so much easier by just living in the moment, being spontaneous and most of all focus on having fun.

Sunrise MBS DSC_0538And after enjoying a beautiful sunrise thanks to beautiful E waking up early as per usual, we went to the gym. When staying at a great place like MBS you really want to make sure to use the facilities and with the great view from the gym it was barely an effort to exercise. If I had this view from my cross trainer I would surely exercise more often at home as well 😉

Gym MBS DSC_0579 Cardio machine views DSC_0587

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