My dear Göteborg.

To wrap up our south-western leg of the Sweden tour, we of course needed to go to Göteborg. This is the city where I first moved in together with my husband (then boyfriend), the city where I started my first full time job and really a city where I spent 4 years of my 20-somethings which were A LOT OF FUN. So this city means a lot to me, it does not really feel like home anymore but like a city holding a lot of dear memories (and of course a lot of close friends!).


It is beautiful! Well worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood, all cities near the water have something special within them, it is like the soul of the ocean or something. The city is really gorgeous in terms of old buildings and cute alleys. What I like about Göteborg is that there are still a lot of stores along those alleys and not just a bunch of big ass malls (there are some big ass malls as well though).


And of course the trams! They are so cute! But we do hate them during the winter and fall months when they are not running or delayed due to excess of rainwater or leaves on the tracks 😛


Here is Nordstan, one of the big ass malls, right in the center of the city. Every Saturday there is a line to Systembolaget as they close at 3pm 8 (only store you can buy alcohol in Sweden muhaha).


The old central station building is quite iconic as well. Here all the tram lines meet, as well as regular trains and busses. The bus terminal is at the back and it is a newly built glass structure. I love it when old meets new in terms of architecture.

Since we are traveling with family and children this time, of course our activities reflect this as well. So this year E got to go to Alfons Åberg Kulturhus with her grandfather and boy did she love it! It is a bit pricey, I think it was 250 SEK per adult and maybe a little less per child but it is well worth the money, especially if your kid loves Alfons 🙂 A lot of puzzles, fun slides and props from the books to climb on (the helicopter Alfons built in the “Aja Baja” story).

Alfons Åberg museum

Last but not least a little view from the more recently built neighborhoods in Gothenburg, quite close to where our apartment is located. Göteborg is growing and it is always nice to see progress and development in an old and dear friend 🙂


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