Streets of Singapore.

We are reaching the end of the 2014 Singapore adventure and here are some random pictures of, well Singapore which I simply could not categorize under anything else but still wanted to share. You do not really get to know a place until you have aimlessly strolled the streets and made a few unexpected encounters 🙂


Here we ended up in a very very crowded marketplace. A lot of strange stuff being sold and heaps of salesmen with headsets and speakers yelling out god knows what (probably good stuff about their product). At least I do not have a traumatic memory of this compared to that time in Beijing when a girl at a market tried to sell me crispy fried cockroaches on a stick. This image haunts me to this day.


As always when you bump into something familiar and related to your home country you get childishly excited about it. Even if it is just a few Swedish words on an advertising sign.


Lego and F1. Two things I actually hold quite dear. On a side note it was about at this point in our sightseeing that we got a REALLY flat tyre on the pram and our relaxed aimless stroll became a tireless hunt for a shop or just someone who could fix the damned tyre. We spent the afternoon running around shopping malls and bicycle/pram stores without really making any progress at all. So lesson learned for future reference, just go home and leave the bloody pram at the hotel and fix the problem when you are back at home. YOLO.

I love cool buildings. Just love them.

orchard street

Here some art at Orchard street. I love the way Singapore is a bit all over the place and you never really know what to expect behind the next corner. Some might say it lacks identity, charm and soul but I think it actually has all of the above, just showing it in a slightly different way than you are normally used to receiving it.

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