Tackar TACA!

Vill bara nämna att TACA är ett mycket bra flygbolag! Visst det var inte egna TV skärmar men rätt många längsmed gången och det visades film under hela flygresan, gratis hörlurar, MAT!!!, alkohol och bekväma stolar. Dock pajade jag min Ipod hållare (gud vad jag pajar grejer på sistonde? Digitalkameran, KOSS lurarna och nu Ipod hållaren). Men vad gör det? Mot Lima och Peru!

Just want to mention that TACA is a great airline! Sure we did not have our own TVs on this flight but there was several down the isle and they had movies during the entire flight. Free headphones, FOOD, alcohol and comfortable seats which is not always the case. Unfortunately I broke the Ipod ”cover” I have, it is so strange lately I have broken a lot of things (the small digital camera, KOSS headphones and now the Ipod cover). But what is that compared to us being in Lima, Peru soon!

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