Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

Going to the zoo is often on the list of things to do in larger cities, usually on the same list as Madame Tussauds, any sky tower and the botanical gardens. Honestly, before coming to Taronga Zoo here in Sydney it was a long time since I visited a zoo at all. Some might think that the zoo is for kids or that it is just caged animals and therefore not so exciting. But when you are on the other side of the world and it offers so many different animals which you have never encountered before, Taronga Zoo is a good option! In terms of Zoo’s, it is probably one of the best ones I have visited. I like that it is large and most animals have heaps of space and the fact that you can meet kangaroos and koalas and they have a few platypus as well! Overall the park is beautiful with great views of Sydney and Harbor Bridge and lush green vegetation all around. As if that was not enough, there is also a Sky Safari where you can go on a Cable Car ride above the whole park.

The only downside was seeing the sea lions and other sea creatures as they seemed so sad in their (in context) small pools and made depressed noises just looking very unhappy. But I guess it is the reality of zoo’s and keeping wild animals in cages. Even though I think it is important to reflect upon, all in all I still enjoyed the visit and my fierce daughter of 4 months was not overly impressed during a stare-contest with a kangaroo standing about 1 m in front of her 🙂

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