Going to UEFA EURO16.

The time has come for me to go on my EURO16-adventure in France. I have only been to one other championship before and it was the World Championship of Soccer in South Africa where Sweden sadly did not qualify. This time Sweden is playing and the journey takes me to France! Since I did not bring a national jersey, my desperate search for one started already in Ängelholm before leaving the country. After an intensive search we realized that there are no sporting goods stores in Ängelholm so the town does not seem to be a sporty one…

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Initially I was planning to go with Agata and the kids to Helsingborg to visit her sister, Zuzanna, before leaving for Gothenburg but I realized that I would not make my train so we had to turn back and drop me off at the station. On the train I was amazed by how flat and green Skåne really is, the scenery is beautiful. SJ (Swedish Railways) unfortunately offered the slowest wifi of the century so I spent most of the time looking out the window and once the service cart finally came by they had ran out of coffee. WHAT? Apparently there was not more coffee so I was kind of bummed out that I had no wifi and no coffee.

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On  a side note, if you are traveling with SJ you can just show them an email with some text as a ticket as the controller only looked at my email for about 30 seconds and said thank you…

Otherwise my journey went quite well and once I arrived at the Central Station I just got out and started walking without thinking about where I was supposed to be staying, which meant that I ended up in Gårda, the suburb where we have our apartment currently rented out to someone. So after walking halfway there I realized that I am supposed to go to my parents house in Örgryte instead, another 30 minutes of walking and I am finally at home. After fiddling with some keys and stuff I enter the apartment and finish off the day with Russia-England.

There is quite a lot written about the vandalism and craziness in Marseille at the moment and since my brother is there for the game I have been a bit worried, given that it is basically a war zone. Luckily he is fine in spite of all the glass bottles, tear gas and general mayhem going on… Now I have set my alarm for tomorrow morning, 06:20 the taxi picks me up for the airport. Zlataaaaan Ibrahimovich!!!

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