USA vs Germany and some European Capitals.

Time flies! Not too long ago I sat down and asked my sister Juliet some questions regarding living and studying abroad as well as her recent travels in Europe. Juliet used to live in America and now she is studying in Germany, Leipzig to be more exact. Let’s see what she has to share!

Hi Juliet! I hope all is well with you today.  So you are studying in Leipzig, for starters what can you tell us about your city?

Leipzig is one of the biggest cities (if not the biggest) in the Bundesland (Federal State) Sachsen (Saxony) with about 500000 residents. The capitol of Sachsen is Dresden. Leipzig is a very pretty city in my opinion, I am very happy here. Because it is not so huge, it is very easy to get around the city on bike, and of course this method of travel is almost always faster than the tram/bus. There are people from all of the world in Leipzig.

What makes Leipzig a city worth visiting? What kinds of entertainment or sights does it offer?

Leipzig is very mixed, there is something for everyone. The downtown is very small and packed full of shops, bars, and cafes. There are also a lot of bars in the Gottschedstraße and the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße. There are clubs all over the city. In the downtown area they are usually more expensive and the music tends to be more mainstream. There are also plenty of museums all over the city. I would recommend going to the Panometer and the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum.

Are there any traps or “disappointments” you should try to avoid?

Like in most cities, the outskirts of the city are not very interesting, mainy just houses or huge housing complexes.

If we focus a little more on the study part, so you are German and American, which are the largest differences when it comes to your experience of going to school if you would compare these two countries?

The German school system is much more rigorous, especially in Sachsen. I have the feeling we learn more than American students.

What do you miss the most about America?

My family, my friends, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Sun Chips…

What is the absolute best thing about living in Germany?

The drinking age! No just kidding. Maybe. I feel like people my age in Germany, and in Europe in general, aren’t forced to grow up as fast, but also aren’t sheltered as much throughout their youth as kids in the US.

And what about Leipzig?

I just like this place. There is always something to do that interests me, and I like being able to get most without having to be dependent on someone else, and when I have my license, on a car.

I know you recently visited Amsterdam and Croatia, can you tell us about the 3 best things about Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is just really, really pretty. The people almost all speak English. The coffeeshops are cool, and the main attraction for some, but that shouldn’t be the only reason to travel there. Warning: Amsterdam (and I’m assuming the rest of the Netherlands) is very expensive!

And Zagreb?

Zagreb is also very pretty. And if you are traveling to Zagreb from an EU country or from the US, Croatia is very cheap. My favorite thing about Zagreb is all the museums.

Let’s talk about the future, what is in Juliets pipeline for traveling? Where are you going next?

First I need to finish my Abitur (A-Levels). But next summer, when that is hopefully over, I want to fly back home to see my family, travel to Menorca, Spain, and hopefully a few other places. I don’t know where yet though.

And last but not least, where would the dream-trip go?


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