Australian open of surfing.

It cannot be said enough, there is never a dull moment in Manly. Especially not during summer but let’s be honest they have heaps of other cool stuff happening during the rest of the year as well (like the Food and Wine Festival in fall or winter or whenever it is). Either way end of February meant Australian Open of surfing which translates into hundreds of hot surfer dudes and dudettes in wetsuits all hanging out at Manly beach at the same time. Yes there is always a certain amount of hot surfers around but during this tournament the density is unbelievable.

Not only do you have the hot dudes but of course also some entertainment! Great stage and free music entertainment with artists and DJ sets all in all creating a great atmosphere and vibe down at the beach. Of course being a family with (what at times feels like 3482434 children) well 2 children of course we decided to meet up with 2 other families with children, eat some great food from the carts and watch our kiddos practice cartwheels in the grass. I mean this sure is what I would call dinner with a view. Don’t you agree?
Manly beach

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