Cannes Beach & La Croisette.

Unlike Nice, Cannes actually has a sandy beach which is gentler on your feet and perhaps a little more child-friendly. But the remarkable thing about the beach is that the public parts are very small and few, which results in them being quite crowded and also you can’t get a hold of a rental umbrella/chair on those beaches. The remaining parts of the beach are purchased by hotels and ran as private beaches with all the comforts you could wish for. There are the more luxurious ones where a sun bed costs about 20€ and upwards per day and those which are a little more reasonably priced around 10€. Some take a club fee for entry and some just charge for the beds/chairs/umbrellas. But in all honesty, if you bring your own umbrella the public part of the beach is just as enjoyable. And with kids, you do not really have time to lay on a sun bed relaxing and reading a magazine anyway 🙂

As with all great coastal cities and beaches, of course there is a great beach walk to enjoy if the sand is too much for you or you are after a great running spot. A walk/run along La Croisette offers a great deal of scenery, from Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s parked along the beach walk, to jet-setters on their way to a private beach club mixed in with locals, senior citizens relaxing in the shade and of course tourists as ourselves. I would probably say that people watching is one of my most favorite past times when traveling, always manage to get so many new impressions! If you want to see something amazing, just make sure to open your eyes 🙂

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