Chic Capsule Otel, Singapore

The first stop on Zuzanna’s low-cost-trip-back-to-Europe was Singapore! And of course things went wrong from the get go, the hostel she initially booked was double booked and she was sent somewhere else. This could have been a huge pain in the butt and catastrophe but it all turned out great! (As life usually does if we just relax and accept the situation) So she ended up at the Chic Capsule Otel in Chinatown instead of one in Little India! If you love travel you know that different does not necessarily mean worse, it just means, well different.

So Zuzanna embraced the situation and had a nice 2 night stay in Singapore! Chic is a modern hostel situated in Chinatown offering a great location with walking distance to Marina Bay. The sleeping “spaces” are very comfortable and modern, you also have your own TV in bed, international adapter outlets in the wall next to the bed, lockable storage under the bed for valuables, free served breakfast and very good Wi-Fi.

The only negatives would be that the beds are small/short, for a shorter person as herself they were excellent but for a longer person it might end up a little crammed! It was also a bit mysterious wth having the shower and bathroom combined within the same room and maybe a little too few to cater for the amount of guests sharing it. But all in all a great experience and a good hostel to add to the list places to stay in Singapore when on a budget!

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Address: 13 Mosque StreetSingapore 059493Singapore

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