Garage burgers.

Supposedly, one of the worlds best burgers is served at Garage Bar in Höganäs. So of course we took the whole gang and drove over there for dinner! It is a bit surreal because Höganäs is a really small town on the coast, located between Ängelholm and Helsingborg. And in the smack middle of roads, offices and gas stations is this Garage Bar.

garage bar

The interior decor is very cool and rugged, they serve locally brewed microbrewery beers as well as something they call a “Lagerita” which is a frozen Margarita with a beer. Unfortunately we were there a bit early in the evening and the Margarita was not frozen yet (again traveling with children means that dinner is not really served at 8pm or 9pm… he he). But I can really recommend the Höganäs APA it was delicious!

garage lagerita DSC_0703

Now let us move on to the food. Firstly there were sweet potato fries and you all know how much I LOVE sweet potato fries. So really they had me there already. For the burger we went with the special of the day which was a burger with chèvre cheese and tomato jam. AMAZING!


All in all we managed to have a great dinner, I think we managed to sit down for about 1,5 hours before the chasing of Ems around the parking lot with all the cool old cars became a bit too much and it was time to call it quits 🙂

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