Gran Hotel Sóller.

If you go to Palma it is imperative that you get a car and really explore the island as there are so many cute and gorgeous places to visit and restaurants to enjoy. During our big extended family shenanigans we had brunch at Gran Hotel Sóller in… well of course Sóller. This formidable little town can be found north of Palma city, driving up into the mountains for about 35-40 minutes. There is Port De Sóller which is the part near the water and of course Sóller up in the mountain. There is a really cute tram ride between the two and there is of course the brunch place…


We really got to enjoy the great summer weather sitting outdoors at a long table that could fit us all. The service was excellent, the food great and I would definitely say it was child friendly in spite of being quite “fancy”.


Was quite difficult to keep E out of this pool…

DSC_0090 gran hotel sóller

There was quite some space to run around…and free WiFi 😛

gran hotel sóller DSC_0095

And some cool things to see like this very very old car…

DSC_0096 DSC_0103

We had a great afternoon in their courtyard with short breaks of enjoying the air conditioned reception area and free WiFi 😛 I would definitely recommend it as the building in itself is fantastic, if you are a sucker for “old”, colonial style architecture like me 🙂

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