Since the weather continues to be quite unsteady we decide to walk around the neighborhood and have a look at our surroundings without going too far away from some cover in case the heavens would open up again. Klitterhus is a hotel/restaurant/conference centre with the perfect location on the Ängelholm beach front. Building has been here for a long time and was actually recently bought up by a new owner and renovated this summer.


Next to Klitterhus there is a jetty that takes you out into the water. Every time I get nervous about Trump possibly becoming Americas next president I just stand on a jetty like this one, take a couple of deep breaths and just enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean.

And here is Klitterhus in all its glory…


The views from the restaurant are amazing. A couple of years ago we were here together with a large group of friends and family for a summer party. It really is an iconic building here in Ängelholm and I am happy to see that it is still being kept up. Of course we had our hands full with making sure Emilia did not manage to run down the jetty and jump into the water! 🙂


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