Random walking – the streets of Kallang.

In Singapore we stayed close to Lavender subway station which gave us a few opportunities to walk around the area called Kalland. As mentioned we have been here before but still it is fun to just stroll aimlessly and take in the locals! Also we had a mission, finding baby food 😛 All in all I would just like to give a big applause to the Singapore subway system it is cheap, accessible, clean and easy to use. So just make sure you live close to a station and you can pretty much get yourself anywhere on your own!

Singapore subway

Below is some touristy posing with a delicious smoothie, I miss vacation time and the treats that come with it!

streets of kallang singapore

We also passed some type of shrine or temple, I am myself a very non-religious person but religion and customs have always been a great interest and they fascinate me! I also think that you can sort of get that feeling of old, ancient wisdom when visiting these places, even though I am not really a believer myself. Also has a lot of ties to culture and that is of high interest for a globetrotter of course 🙂

And last but not least, the damned frog seems to be a delicacy offered EVERYWHERE. As you remember we did try the frog during our visit and in spite of it not being that bad (mostly tastes like chicken) that was the only time we went for it. We sort of felt that once was enough so I guess we are not THAT adventurous after all 😛

IMG_4403 frogs

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