Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.

There are so many gorgeous spots around Sydney and to be honest with the busy life and puzzle that being toddler parents in Australia entails we do not manage to do many excursions which are more advanced than the local beaches. But the other day we had to meet up in the city for some medical examinations (yes still the visa crap it just never ends I have kind of given up on having that all sorted 2015) and since the day turned out to be gorgeous and the medicals went by fast we decided to spend some time in the Royal Botanic Garden before heading home!


It is such a gorgeous and child friendly place, each time we go I wonder why we do not have a weekly picknick or something. It is the same perfect combination of city and nature that I so dearly love about Central Park in NYC.

Royal botanic garden Sydney harbour

Summer is really here and when the grass is green, the skies are blue and yellow flowers are blooming, well really what else can you wish for? My main issue nowadays is to find pictures to post on the blog as 99% of then include a little mini me 😛


If you are in Sydney, visit the Royal Botanic Garden! You will not be disappointed, I can walk around here for hours…

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