Scoot, another Asian low cost airline.

I will be honest, the reason I have never fully committed to any bonus program as I am the most disloyal frequent flier ever. We always go on price and utilize the low cost airlines whenever possible. Let’s be honest unless you are traveling in business or first class you are crammed in together with a bunch of other crazies in a tin can either way. And some of the low cost airlines actually have really nice new and modern planes, not everything is on the RyanAir level.

So when we went to Singapore for our trip last fall, we chose Scoot as they had really affordable rates! And we were pleasantly surprised, I mean it is still a 6-7h flight and flying with a toddler is always a challenge. The plane was modern, the staff courteous and we got there on time! The only issue we had was going back from Singapore when they complained that our pram bag was heavy (we brought our regular “big” pram) and we ended up paying extra for it. That is the downside of the low cost airlines as they do meticulously enforce their baggage rules so you need to be prepared to follow them to the gram! All in all we were very happy with out flight which still ended up on the cheaper side of things and at a reasonable comfort level 🙂

scoot airplane scoot plane view scoot cabin

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