#TBT – Singapore 2012.

On our very comprehensive around the world tour we also stopped in Singapore. This week included a 3 day 30th birthday celebration for Claes, 24 hours of luxury at MBS, an unexpected visit and making a new friend! I must say that we enjoyed Singapore a lot, it offered heaps of different things to do and see. At the time it felt a bit more pricy compared to the rest of Asia, however it was possible to find cheaper options outside of the very touristy areas, as always. So we got to stay at the luxury hotel Marina Bay Sands, below pictured at night!

Marina Bay Sands

And the rest of the view from the marina…

Marina by night Singapore

Claes got a dedicated birthday song at one Irish pub during day 2 of celebrations!


We went to the botanical gardens, by far the best ones I have seen to this day.

Singapore Botanical gardens

We had the obligatory Singapore Sling at Raffles Place. Expensive and touristy.

singapore Sling Raffles place

We had some drinks at Clarke Quay.

Clarke Quay

We took a sightseeing bus tour! Good way to get to see all different areas of Singapore.

Singapore Sightseeing Bus

One of the views from the bus…


After our luxury stay at MBS, we moved to V Hotel Lavender for a few nights and finally were degraded back to our backpacking status with a hostel. Luckily we ended up at the Little Red Dot which was a great place to stay! In spite of the rooms being too small and too hot…

The Little Red Dot Singapore

We went to the night safari!

Singapore Night Safari

We made a new friend! Jonathan, at the time manager at the Little Red Dot. We have visited him since, and it might have been his love for Sweden, Absolut vodka and Veronica Maggio that brought us together.

The Little Red Dot Singapore

Had some fresh juice at Bugis Markets.
Bugis Market Singapore

Had some unexpected visitors! Claes dad and older brother met us at the airport 🙂

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Here is our view from our deluxe room at MBS.

Marina Bay Sands deluxe room view

Infinity pool at MBS.
Infinity pool Marina Bay Sands

Champagne flow at the Club Room at MBS. Sooooooo good.

Club Room Marina Bay Sands

Night view of the pool and rooftop at MBS.
Marina Bay Sands infinity pool night view

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